How Much Do Mobile Mechanics Make?

A mobile mechanic is someone who travels and conducts the vehicle maintenance, on-site, in the comfort of the clients’ home, instead of inside the standard car repair garage. 

Any other location where the driver might be positioned is also fair game for a mobile mechanic to travel to. 

Mobile mechanics are able to provide valuable services from inspecting the vehicle, changing the oil, rotating the tires, and effectively communicating to their clients about any possible issues they notice upon inspection. 

Mobile mechanics are the heroes without capes that will take themselves and their knowledge directly to your location. 

If it’s an easy fix, they can get your car up and running again before you as the client have to resort to any pricier alternatives.

Hourly Rates of Mobile Mechanics

As of January 6, 2020, according to ZipRecruiter, the hourly rate of a mobile mechanic is $33 an hour. 

Of course the typical hourly rate varies state by state with the highest paying states being:


Hourly Rate

New York




New Hampshire






With most jobs, salaries vary depending on location, work experience, and the dedication and skill of the mobile mechanic themselves. 

 The highest hourly wage for a mobile mechanic has been as high as $139.18.

This goes to show how versatile and successful people can be in the mobile mechanic industry. 

Average Salary of Mobile Mechanics

As of January 14, 2020, $51,843 is the average base salary of mobile mechanics.

Those with entry level experience,1-3 years of experience, will earn an average salary of $38,079. 

On the other side of the spectrum, a senior level mobile mechanic typically has 8+ years of experience on the job, making about $63,290 per year. 

The average additional bonus a mobile mechanic is given is about $1,623 per year.

In a more concentrated group of people consisting of 2,975 salaries, the average mobile mechanic salary with entry level experience is $42,900 per year. 

With more hands on experience as well as education, location, and business size, mobile mechanics can make as much as $97,500 a year. 

The salary of a mobile mechanic is projected to increase about 16% in the span of about five years. The estimated salary in 2025 is expected to equate to $60,101 as the need for mobile mechanics is projected to grow.

Learn how to start your mobile mechanic business.

Average Labor Rate For Mobile Mechanics

Most independent mobile mechanic repair shops charge between $70-$90 per hour. 

Mobile mechanics charge depending on the location, issue, and if any additional diagnostics are required. 

The work schedule for a mobile mechanic varies on a case by case business. 

Many are 24 hour mobile mechanics where others are the standard 9-5, and even more have extensive labor hours to compensate for early morning or late evening casualties.

Do mobile mechanics make good money compared to brick & mortar?

One of the reasons the mobile mechanic is gaining popularity within the workforce is due to the convenience and cost in comparison to standard physics shops and auto repair garages. 

When a vehicle breaks down, gets into an accident, or runs out of gas, getting even the simplest problems resolved is pricey. 

Transportation fees for a tow truck alone can cost hundreds of dollars depending on location. 

From there the prices only increase as many dealerships and repair shops charge jaw-dropping prices for the simplest repairs. 

A mobile mechanic is equipped to be both convenient and more affordable when arriving directly at the site. 

Mobile mechanics work similarly to HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies. 

With just a large work truck or van, they carry all of the necessary equipment and tools needed to handle jobs from oil changes, brake pad replacements, timing belt replacements, tire rotation, and other services that the average household couldn't provide for themselves. 

A reputable mobile mechanic service even responds and schedules calls to drive to their client's house and make repairs while they're at work. 

Many mobile mechanics are positioned in the field with work experience equivalent to a garage repairman with senior level experience as they are expected to be able to work without supervision and oversight. 

While car garage repair shops often charge significantly higher, mobile mechanics in the long run are the ones who are asked to come back time after time.


Think of a mobile mechanic as an EMT for vehicle saving and repair. 

One would call an EMT as the first responder who can offer medical assistance right at the scene; a mobile mechanic would be the one to call when their car needs immediate attention.

Mobile mechanics have a number of benefits and should definitely be called upon for customers searching for an affordable and convenient car repair service. 

The level of comfort and trust between consumer and mechanic has expanded the amount of services mobile mechanics are able to offer. 

Despite the increase in demand for mobile mechanics, never hesitate to ask for references, certifications, and confirm warranties with work and labor.

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