Starting a Mobile Mechanic Business: What You Need To Know

Starting a mobile mechanic business

Whether you are an existing mechanic wanting to expand your business or someone who wants to start out brand new to work for yourself.

Starting a mobile mechanic business is fairly easy but will require a lot of effort and skill.

What You Need To Start Your Mobile Mechanic Business

  • Skill/Licensing
  • Business Plan
  • Insurance
  • Tools
  • Service Vehicle 
  • Customers

Skill and Proper Licensing

When you’re finely ready to start your mobile mechanic business you will have to start out by get the proper licensing for it.

That means going to proper channels of local and state government and getting to required licensees needed to preform work on other peoples cars.

You want to get this taken care of as soon as possible because it won’t happen over night and may last awhile for everything to get done.

We have an in depth article that explains the type of licensing that you may need to start your mobile mechanic business as well as ASA.

You also need to do a self evaluation and decide whether or not you have the skill required to even start but since you are reading this article and are interested in starting this type of business then i will assume that you already have the appropriate skills of mechanicship.


Another thing that you will need is mobile mechanic insurance.

Find insurance that covers everything in your business. 

You need this to protect you from anything in your business, especially if you screw something up on a customer’s car. 

Not only that but service vehicles, tools, pretty much anything to do with your mobile mechanic business then it should be covered. 

Read more about mobile mechanic insurance.


Tools will be your best friend when you’re a mobile mechanic. You need to keep them clean, safe, and organized to save time and money.

Here is an article that gives you exactly what tools you need as a mobile mechanic.

Power tools, hand tools, other equipment that you may need like air compressor, jacks.

Keep them organized

Keep your tools in a toolbox or in a very organized place to limit stress and panic when you need a certain tool. 

Service Vehicle

This is obvious but you need a vehicle to use to go to your customers to provide help. 

It doesn’t really matter what type of vehicle: car,truck, trailer, etc.

Whatever is necessary for you to complete the job is what you need to have. 

People try and have everything perfect before they even start. That’s is a sign that you will never get off the ground with your business.

Start doing jobs and thing should flow naturally provided everything goes relatively smoothly.

How To Get Customers For Mobile Mechanics

Getting customers is the key to any business. Marketing and word of mouth is necessary to grow and expand your business and prosper as a mobile mechanic.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is your best bet when starting and type of service business and best of all it’s free but there are some challenges.

First, it’s hard to scale, that means in the beginning you need to do as many jobs as possible for a lower rate and in return try and get the customer to tell them about you to there friends and post on social media and leave reviews.

Second, you have to be great at every job. You obviously should do a great job every time but a great job is relative.

Certain customers value you it differently so you have to go above and beyond to make the customer happy and 


Advertising and Marketing your mobile mechanic business will allow you to scale quicker and easier but it’s important to already have done hundreds of jobs and the word of mouth part done. Doing that you should have a bunch of reviews and goodwill to expand that into advertising.

Ways Of advertising

  • Google
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • Business cards

How To Become a Mobile Mechanic

Looking to be a mobile mechanic? The process is pretty much the same as becoming a regular mechanic but you become an entrepreneur and assume the risk of a business.

There are many kinds of technicians who work in a wide range of automotive fix looks around the nation. Many technicians are generalists who take a shot at breakdowns that happen in any of the eight center automotive frameworks. 

Different technicians choose to practice once they have increased a principal understanding of the center frameworks. An auto electrician is a technician who has some expertise in breakdowns of the electrical structure. 

The best time to begin getting a presentation to the automotive fix industry is while you are as yet a High School understudy. 

Many schools in the United States offer auto mechanic and auto body courses that are intended to give understudies some involvement in an automotive fix. 

These classes can provide a fantastic establishment to a long career as an auto mechanic. Notwithstanding the courses offered by High Schools, there is an organization called the Automotive Youth Educational System (AYES) that has been set up to assist High With tutoring transition into the business. 

On the off chance that you have just moved on from High School, at that point, you will most likely want to begin investigating the many automotive assistance endorsement and degree programs accessible at region professional schools and junior colleges. 

The majority of these projects last from one to two years and have been intended to give understudies an essential understanding of the eight center automotive frameworks including brakes, suspension and guiding, automatic transmissions, manual drive trains, motor fix, warming, and cooling, electrical structures, and motor performance. 

The eight center frameworks recorded above are commonly the regions that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) affirms. 

While the ASE offers claim to fame confirmations, the primary role of the ASE is to provide a balanced arrangement of affirmation tests in the principal territories of an automotive fix. 

Technicians who complete affirmation in every one of the eight of the center automotive frameworks get the assignment of Master Technician. 

There are a couple of reasons why all technicians ought to finish the confirmation procedure intentionally. To start with, ensured technicians typically have more openings for work. 

Auto bosses realize that ensured technicians have an exhaustive understanding of the business and will need less training and help. Also, confirmation can be utilized as a showcasing advantage over nearby auto shop rivalry. 

Many clients want to have their vehicles overhauled by technicians who have shown that they have fulfilled national guidelines for capability. 

Notwithstanding having more openings for work, affirmed technicians can hope to get more significant compensation. 

The focuses sketched out the above record for many of the reasons why auto retailers are happy to pay more to confirmed technicians. 

Most importantly, credentialed technicians commit fewer errors and are progressively profitable. 

This can dramatically affect the financial performance of any mechanic business. 

Automotive businesses contrast in their employing desires. A few shops will recruit technicians who have finished conventional training and confirmation while different shops may employ technicians who are still in school. 

An auto electrician should start searching for chances to pick up understanding while they are still in school. This may mean consenting to finish a low paid temporary job in exchange for training and guidance. 

Learn how much mobile mechanics make.

There is additionally a massive market for automobile harm estimators and automobile harm appraisers. 

Graduates will understand the automobile body, and how to survey the damage, how to assess fix and parts costs.

You can likewise decide to become a specialized counselor working in advising customers, or a skilled guide representing considerable authority in quality control in auto mechanics shops. 

Another investigation choice we offer you is training as a section agent, where you will figure out how to manage stock just as all parts of advertising and deals of automotive parts. 

Contrasted with some other expert careers, an auto technician generally requires small training and experience. 

While it might take just several years to secure the essential accreditations to be a mobile mechanic technician, it regularly takes a very long time to consummate and get what it takes to become a completely qualified auto electrician. 

With ingenuity and challenging work, you can be sure that the time you put resources into your auto administration career will be incredibly fulfilling.


So hopefully now you understand the how to start a mobile mechanic business.

You will have to take massive action and build a business which is unbelievably difficult but it is worth.

Work hard until you reach where you want to be.

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