Licenses & Certifications For Mobile Mechanics: Complete Guide

A mobile mechanic business is the ideal business to start for anyone with the required experience and skills in auto mechanics and wants to establish his own business. 

However knowing what type of licenses you need can be difficult.

There are three main things you need to consider:

  • Business license
  • Required Certifications From The State 
  • ASE

Just know that in most states you don't need any qualifications to get started working on cars.

Do You Need A Business License To Be a Mobile Mechanic?

Yes, you'll need to get a license to operate your business from your state.

Visit your county clerk to see what the required paperwork is for your particular region. 

and/or visit your states online registry:

Here you can pick your state business registry.

Required State Certification/Qualifications

Most states have no requirements to become a mechanic with the exceptions of a few such as Michigan which is notorious for having a lot of hoops to jump through for auto mechanics.

Make sure what your state requires before you start working on cars.

Visit or call your county clerk to see what is required for your state.

ASE Certification

The law doesn’t require you to own an ASE certification for you to start working on cars and is completely voluntary. 

However, without it, it will be pretty expensive and hard for you to obtain any finances or obtain liability insurance for your new business. 

ASE certification is a clear indication that you are serious about your job. It gives your clients confidence that their needs will be met, and you can also use it to market your business. 

Thus to gain your clients' trust, you will need certification. This is something that will make a stranger believe you in case they have been referred to you. 

As it is a skill that you learn, you will have those trusted customers who will not bother you with a question, but being a business, you will need a document to win more customers who believe in documentation. 

All you’ll need before getting an ASE certification is some educational experience, work experience of not less than two years, and at least a year obtained on the job. 

How long does it take to get a business license?

If you are eighteen years and above, not bankrupt or insane without any disqualification from acquiring your license, it’s the right time to apply for a business license

You’ll, however, need to make some payments and fill in the required documents. This includes filling in the business name, your partners if any, and the duration you are applying the license for, usually one to three years. 

The whole process usually takes a month or two, maybe less.

Or there are many services that will set your business up for you.

A business license is essential to any person who wants to get into the business. It is one document that shows you are serious about what you are doing. 

This opens more opportunities for you, and you will work with no stress from the authorities.

Other Permits You May Need

Beware of some extra permits that you might need to operate your business like if you will be handling any wastes such as gasoline, transmission fluids, or oil, you’ll need a HAZMAT permit before working in those areas. Or even the HVAC systems.

Another thing is to be aware of where you are working on cars.

As a mobile mechanic you will sometimes work on cars in weird areas and situations. You should know if you have the appropriate permissions and permits.

Do you have to go to college to be a mobile mechanic?

No, for one to become a mobile mechanic, the requirements required are comparable to those of regular mechanics. 

Most employers go for employees with high school diplomas, college degrees, or vocational certificates. 

However, some employees prefer recruiting people and training them on the job. 

You can engage yourself in the mobile mechanic career without going to college as long as you have an interest in it, someone to train you, and you’ve got strong communication abilities. 

It is essential to have some educational background of mechanics; not all things can be learned in practice. 

When you learn the theory, then it will be easy to practice as the mind has grasped what to do, and forgetting is almost impossible. 

It’s essential to have a little bit of customer service experience since you’ll be interacting directly with your customers.


As a business person who what to have trusted customers, you have to have all the documents for your business and have somewhere that you can accommodate them. 

Be ready to be on the move and always do what you have agreed with your clients. 

In any business, you have to be at your best to retain your customers; also, investing in other mechanics will help your business grow.

Learn how to become a mobile mechanic.

By so doing, you’ll be in a position to assist your customers to stick to their daily routines by repairing the brakes of their cars, executing an oil change or giving them any other services required. 

Since you are now your boss, you can render these services whenever they are needed, whether it’s during the day, night or even on weekends.

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