Tools & Equipment Every Mobile Mechanic Must Have

One of the hardest things as a mobile mechanic is carrying everything you have with you at all times. 

If you have even dabbled in this type of business then you will know that usually is not possible. 

But we can surely give you the essentials to carry in your service vehicle at all times

  • Tools
  • Equipment 
  • Phone/Laptop 
  • Payment processor


Here is the ultimate mobile mechanic tool list here if you want to know every tool a mobile mechanic needs. 

Here is a list that you need for every job


This is the most used tool that you will use as a mobile mechanic or any mechanic for that matter.

Have a couple pairs of Phillips heads and flat heads in your toolbox to be safe. As well as a nice compact set of Allen heads too.

Make sure that when you get your screwdriver set that they are magnetic.


Wrenches are essential to any mobile mechanic. Loosening any type fastener with great torque will require a wrench. 

We suggest getting a whole wrench set to be safe for any situation that arises.


Ratchets perform the same way that wrenches do but just fast and you can get to more areas that you might not get to using a regular wrench.

Get a good sturdy ratchet set and you will be set. I would suggest getting a long ratchet extension as well. 

Pliers/Wire Cutters

Pliers and wire cutters are necessary for any type of electrical wiring and small places,

You don’t necessarily need a whole set. Just one or two that you trust to cut and strip wiring and that you trust to get the job done.


Get a nice multimeter to diagnose problems, you will not regret it one bit.

Jack & Jack Stands

Most jobs will require a jack and jack stands. Maybe not all but most and you want to be ready for when you have a problem that needs taken care of under the car that you will be ready.

Jacks can be pretty expensive but it will be worth it. Just get a very lightweight jack and you will be good to go.

Electrical Tape/Fuses 

Keep some electrical tape and fuses in your toolbox and you will be happy you did.

Portable Jump Starter

Make sure to have a portable jump starter in your setup as well, or at least jumper cables. 

Find a nice place to put it for anytime you need to use it.


We always think the job is going to take a lot less time than it actually does. I can;t count how many times you run out of daylight and need your handy dandy headlamp. 

It also is great for deep crevices inside the engine and under.


There are many reasons why you need a smartphone when you’re a mobile mechanic.

Here are a few:

Research vehicle specs and parts

You may need to get to the specific make and model of the car that you are working on and will need the manual. Look can look up any car manual online and get exactly what you need.

You can also look up parts if it comes to that.

The next and a pretty important one is taking payments which we will get into in our next section.

Payment Processor

Taking payments nowadays as a mobile mechanic is super easy. 

All you need is a smartphone and a service like Square where you can actually take credit cards by plugging the magstripe reader into your phone and putting in the amount you want to charge and then sliding the credit card through and works perfectly.


These tools and equipment will help you with 90% of the jobs that you will do throughout your mobile mechanic career. 

Making sure to fit these neat and tight into your service vehicle for every job is key to having a stress free time in this business.

Learn how much mobile mechanics make.

Of course this does not mean that you shouldn’t bring other tools and equipment like gloves, dripping pan, funnel, crimps, air compressor, etc to the job site. 

Knowing what the job and service that is going to be needed is mobile mechanic 101. So pack everything you need for the job at hand but that also might change. 

Adjust and pack to what you feel comfortable with and all will be well.

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