Mobile Mechanic Insurance Guide: (Everything You Need To Know)

As a mobile mechanic, you are at a high risk of encountering losses as you carry out your daily tasks. 

In this case, because you are a mobile mechanic, you are involved with your clients’ properties at times. 

You will need to have insurance that covers you from all these risks completely or as much as possible if every risk involved cannot be covered under insurance.

In any way, what are available types of coverage? 

It is upon you to choose the cover that suits you best for you and your business from what is available from insurance providers.

Types of Mobile Mechanic Insurance Coverage (Business, Service Vehicle, Tools, Etc)

The different types of coverage come at different prices depending on the number or risks covered. 

They all have different policies geared to cover associated risks to certain levels which you will make clear to you before seal the deal. 

Comprehensive Coverage 

Usually covers any vehicle that you work on. As a mechanic, you will handle many vehicles hence you are at a high risk of incurring losses. 

For this reason you need insurance that covers your clients’ vehicles when under your responsibility. 

This is an essential coverage as it enables you to work with no worries. You never know what might happen when you are working on a client vehicle. 

This insurance will help you in case of any accident that may occur. The good thing with this coverage is that it also covers all your vehicles.

Public Liability Coverage 

As you work on your customers’ vehicle other unrelated issues may come up! 

Since, the vehicle is under your care at times you may be required to take care of them. 

In this case, it is an unfair liability claim because you incur for issues that are otherwise not yours. 

For this reason, it is wise to have public liability coverage. With such unplanned issues you may  not be in a position to cater this with cash as car issues that come accidentally might come with a high cost. 

This insurance will ensure that when you work and any small encounter comes up you are able to sort it on your own without the client involvement.

Third party, fire and theft coverage 

covers you in case you are involved in a collision (particularly where a third party is involved liable). 

It also covers all vehicles you have for both fire damage and theft. These things do happen when you are with a client vehicle. This is the reason why you need to get one as a mobile mechanic. 

It will enable you to pay for such without necessarily breaking the bank.

Breakdown Coverage

Mobile mechanics will always need their vehicles for quick delivery of their services. In case the vehicle breaks down, then, you will have to work on it. 

Getting breakdown coverage is a good idea because it guarantees you instant assistance as soon as possible when your vehicle breaks down. 

You may need to fix a problem as fast as you can if that problem is at risk of causing other issues. Thus you need a mobile mechanic.

Liability Claims Coverage

This coverage protects you from any claims that may be raised against you. 

It keeps you safe from interferences that come from the society in general. 

When working on a vehicle you may come a commotion from the environment you never know and you get that the car has been involved and damage this is the important of such.

Legal Expenses Coverage 

If any liability claims against you comes up you have to cater for the legal cost fully. 

Legal expenses coverage helps you incur the necessary lawful cost in such a case. 

This can be expensive if you don’t have enough money. That is why this coverage is important when in a court and you are trying to defend yourself.

Mobile Mechanic Tool Insurance Coverage 

Some tools you have already acquired as a mechanic are very costly. These tools are also at risk.

It is good to have them covered in your policy since you need them all to deliver quality services to your clients. 

The best mobile mechanic coverage is one that includes most of these insurances. 

The most re-known is road risk insurance. This is an incredibly important insurance when it comes to protecting one who works in any kind of motor business. 

Road risk insurance provides you and your assistants when working/driving your clients’ vehicles. 

A quality road risk insurance has the following coverage: third party, comprehensive, combined policy, breakdown, legal expenses and liability claims coverage. 

Insurance does not involve everything in your business but you should not be worried because it actually covers almost everything in your business.

Best Mobile Mechanic Insurance

There are many providers available in the market today.

The best insurance nowadays is found online

Mobile mechanic insurance is no exception! 

This is the case because of the fact that they: are highly tailored, saves on time and money as you do it from your home, there are multiple payment methods and there is instant documentation.

How Much Does Mobile Mechanic Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance actually varies depending on several factors. 

Some of these factors include; age, value of vehicle, security of vehicle, type of business, your staff/employees and level of coverage. 

For mobile mechanics, varies drastically and the level of coverage actually dictate the cost. The more covered you are the higher the cost. 

Paying annually can significantly reduce the total cost of your insurance.


All in all, if you are a mobile mechanic or if you are aspiring to become one, you will always have a vehicle in your hands. 

Vehicles are do breakdown like other machines, they can be stolen, fire can catch them, accidents on roads do happen and claims can be raised against you! 

Licenses You Need To Be a Mobile Mechanic.

The risk associated with working/driving vehicles are inevitable! For this reason, you are highly recommended to have insurance. 

Insurance gives you maximal protection in your career as a mobile mechanic.

Start Your Mobile Mechanic Business.

Be sure to speak with insurance professionals before you make a decision for you and your business.

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