Pros and Cons Of Being a Mobile Mechanic – (Is It Worth It?)

When you’re thinking of starting a mobile business, location is usually among essential factors one should consider. 

Stationary enterprises depend on the location to thrive. If you set your business in the wrong area, you’ll be counting your losses. 

However, a good place that’s accessible by your target audience can grow your enterprise and boost your profits. But, mobile businesses don’t rely so much on location. 

Instead, they depend on how enthusiastic you are to look for customers and your quality of work.

Sometime back, mobile automotive services were only mobile detailing and mobile glass repair.

However, in recent years, there has been a significant increase in mobile mechanics. 

If you’re thinking of opening your mechanic business and you’re not sure whether you should be mobile or have a regular store, this guide will help you make an informed decision.

What is a mobile mechanic?

There are two types of businesses: brick & mortar or mobile. 

For brick & mortar mechanics, they work in a specific store. 

Clients come to their stores for mechanical services. Mobile mechanics, on the other hand, go to clients’ homes, places of work, or other places to offer their services there. 

They move around with their tools and handle all repairs mobile. 

These mechanics make it convenient for clients to receive repair services as they don’t have to take their cars to garages.

But, while mobile mechanic business type has its advantages, it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks. 

It’s therefore essential that you weigh out between the pros and cons of this business before venturing into it. 

Let’s take a look at the perks and drawbacks of mobile mechanics.

Advantages of being a mobile mechanic

Low Startup Costs

The most significant advantage of mobile mechanics is price. 

With regular stores, one usually spends a huge amount on overhead facility fees and other expenses that come along with them. 

However, mobile mechanics do not encounter these charges. This, therefore, makes it easy for one to start their business as they’ll need less capital.

Location Is Not That Important

Although many reasons can make an enterprise fail, wrong location is the most common one. 

But, with mobile mechanics, location doesn’t matter since they deliver their services from where their customers are and it even becomes much simpler if your clients are in the same neighborhood as this will save you the hassle.

Getting New Clients Is Easier

Usually, with regular stores, customers visit you in your physical location. They must know where your shop is to access your services. 

However, this isn’t the case with mobile mechanics. Clients can simply call or write to you, and you’ll handle the rest. 

Thus, this provides many opportunities for one to make money. 

Again, as this is convenient for clients, they’ll be willing to refer you to other new customers.

Disadvantages of being a mobile mechanic

Fuel pr​​​​ices will always affect you since you’ll be going to your clients and not vice versa. 

Therefore, you’ll always be spending money on your transport. And worse is if clients live in far neighborhoods, then you’ll spend much more money.

Carrying tools around can also be tiresome. 

Not to mention, marketing yourself when mobile is more difficult than when you have a physical store.

Additionally, one will always have to plan for extra costs and hassles such as traffic, vehicle maintenance, accidents, etc.

Mobile Service Mechanic vs. Brick & Mortar Mechanic Shop

Well, both have their pros as well as cons. A mobile mechanic has little startup expenses and little upfront financial commitment. 

But, your chances of growing and expanding your business are potentially limited.  With a regular shop mechanic, set up fees may be high, but it offers countless opportunities for one to grow and expand their business. 

Therefore, with time your small business can expand into a bigger one. So, when deciding which is better than the other, individuals should consider their goals, needs as well as budget.


So there you have it, the advantages and disadvantages of going mobile. 

A mobile mechanic is ultimately a growing trend, and many customers nowadays prefer it as it is convenient and cheap. 

However, one should also factor in the cons of this type of business when deciding whether to open it. 

If moving from different places with your tools annoys you, then consider having a regular mechanic shop.

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